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My blog is about photography, longterm travel, adventure, living a simple life in Germany at the moment.

I'm an adventurer – photoblogger – mum – longterm traveller – a dreamer – and I live my dreams (from time to time)

Here my interest is mainly on Photography. I share my images from my long time travels with my family around the world.
And in contrast I share my photography from here.


I did a three year circumnavigation in a 21 ft (6,50 m) sailboat with my husband and one son (westbound). Our sailing book (in German).

I traveled two years eastbound around the world mainly on land with two sons and my husband. I love couchsurfing and we did it on this tour 37 times in 17 countries in five continents.

More travel thoughts and routes

And some travel impressions

The Mount Kilimanjaro

Khunjerab pass (elevation 4,693 metres or 15,397 feet) on our way from Pakistan to China

in the sleeper bus in China

On the road in Tansania (with our car)

At the Karakhorum Highway in Pakistan

The four of us in a hotel, Sudan

Andreas, (now 20) and Thomas (now 9)

Hans filming in the Namib Desert

Goats in the bus in Ethiopia

Another interest is Minimalism. I need an extra page for this.

Beside that I love nature, running, wilderness with kids, trekking, nomadic living, the ocean

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